Share Your Story

When we visit with a Legislator, the first thing they want to know about is how a certain issue will affect their constituents.  The most powerful tool we have in convincing legislators to support a bill are patient stories.

All patient stories are powerful. No matter why you're in this fight, we want to hear about it. And right now, we're especially looking for stories that touch on the following topics being debated at the federal and state level:
  • Being unable to afford your medication because of its placement on a specialty tier¬†
  • Being unable to afford oral chemotherapy medication because your insurance provider will only cover traditional chemotherapy
  • Having to go through step therapy procedures, which have delayed your access to, or stopped completely, the treatment that your doctor recommended and prescribed
  • Being denied access to a bone marrow transplant because of coverage requirements
  • Being unable to access the drug you were prescribed due to a supply shortage
  • Experiencing a delay in treatment/alternative treatment due to prior authorization requirements

last updated on Tuesday, January 29, 2013