Stand with cancer patients: advance cures and improve access to life-saving therapies!

Tens of thousands of people will be diagnosed with cancer this week. Your voice now can help more of them survive.

This spring, LLS patient-advocates will be on Capitol Hill working to support research towards cures and improve access to treatment. There is legislation in Congress that, if passed, could make a huge difference for cancer patients and their families.

  • The Part D Beneficiary Appeals Fairness Act (S. 1365/ H.R. 2827) will ensure that seniors with cancer can access the medications they need without being held back by insurance companies' restrictive "specialty tiers" drug designations.
  • The Patients' Access to Treatments Act would end harmful "specialty tiers" drug pricing that makes it harder for patients to afford the treatments they need – ending this practice would give patients the treatments they need to survive.

Advance cures and improve access – declare it by sending your letter to Congress today, and we'll personally deliver your name to Congress on May 7th.


last updated on Tuesday, January 29, 2013